NCT Adds the First of Our Newest Generation Cathodic Arc Coating Systems the M-Arc G2

Northeast Coating Technologies has added the newest generation of our M-Arc cathodic arc PVD coating machines to the Kennebunk facility. The new generation of the M-Arc machine will allow NCT to deposit multi-layer films with each layer having the same coating composition or each layer can vary with a different coating composition and distinct properties. The G2 machines were developed by NCT and are a step forward in the evolution of the PVD  M-Arc design and reduce the  cycle time required to deposit PVD coatings while improving film quality. The G2 has a new advanced control system and a new cathode design  which allow greater flexibility in the coating's composition and layering. The G2  machines can deposit thick monolayer or multilayered PVD coatings used for advanced engineered coating applications in demanding environments in a shorter cycle time than other cathodic arc machines

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