Diamond Like Carbon

Diamond Like Carbon or otherwise referred to as DLC or amorphous carbon coatings are the newest family of vacuum deposited coatings available to improve the performance of products. Diamond Like Carbon coatings are unique in that they are the only group of low friction coatings that exhibit a high surface hardness and a low friction coefficient providing wear resistance which keeps the low friction coating at the wear interface where it is needed for a longer period of time.

This family of coatings can be tailored to an application with a wide range of properties and underlayers possible. This tailoring or tuning of the coating properties allows the coating to be matched to the substrate and an application’s performance requirements. DLC coatings excel at providing low friction even in applications where lubrication is inconsistent or non-existent. DLC coatings can consistently operate in applications with continuous operating temperatures up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit (250 degrees Celsius). Above this temperature, the coating properties change and the friction coefficient increases causing the coating exhibit a higher wear rate.

Although DLC coatings are not applied primarily for corrosion protection, they will provide improved corrosion protection and protect product from corrosive environments. Unlike other low friction coatings available, DLC can be deposited with a surface hardness of 1500 Hv or 3200 Hv depending on the operating environment, loads, impact, lubrication and conditions of use. With our amorphous carbon hydrogenated DLC films, the high surface hardness of up to 3200 Hv will provide exceptional protection against wear while still providing ductility and maintaining the low sliding friction on the surface of your component.

With the wide variety of underlayers that NCT can deposit, our DLC coatings exhibit very high load carrying capability and the coating architecture and properties can be tailored or tuned for applications that have high abrasion, impact, intermittent loading, galling, fretting or intermittent lubrication. The unique characteristic that DLC offers allowing users to produce a coating with properties optimized for the wear mode and operating conditions they are encountering, makes DLC a good choice for many friction and wear applications.