Practical Uses

TiN Coating on Surgical Instruments - SHOW - - HIDE -

PVD Coating on Surgical InstrumentsTitanium nitride coating is used to provide improved performance on surgical instruments and dental and medical implants providing an inert surface barrier that protects the products from corrosion and improves the wear resistance maintaining the integrity of the cutting edge longer. The reduced friction coefficient provided by the coating reduces the edge build-up and helps to prevents tissue from adhering to the instruments.

TiN Coating on Razor Blades and Packaging Knives - SHOW - - HIDE -

TiN Coating on Packaging KnivesThe packaging industry has experienced dramatic improvement in the longevity of their consumable knives and blades by using titanium nitride (TiN) to extend the life of the knives and blades. The thin hard layer of titanium nitride (TiN) does not affect edge sharpness and improves wear resistance and recues friction during cutting operations.

CrN Coating on Form Tooling - SHOW - - HIDE -

PVD Coating on ToolsChromium nitride (CrN) coating is a good choice for form tooling providing improved adhesive strength to the substrate maintaining the hard wear resistant low friction layer when forming pressure is high. Using our unique PVD process NCT can deposit the CrN coating with no significant increase in the surface finish on your part.

CrN Coating on Mold Inserts for Rubber Molding - SHOW - - HIDE -

CrN Coating for Rubber ToolsChromium nitride (CrN) coating is a god choice for rubber molders to improve release and protect the molding surface during use and cleaning. The thin uniform layer of PVD deposited chromium nitride provides a harder surface than conventional hard chrome plating and reduces build-up on molding surfaces and mold cleaning time.

CrN Coating on Medical Instruments - SHOW - - HIDE -

CrN Coating for Medical InstrumentsChromium nitride (CrN) coating is used on medical and dental instruments and implants to provide a protective corrosion barrier improving wear resistance and providing a uniform appearance through repeated autoclaving cycles.

Drills, Milling Cutters, Slitting Saws & Thread Mills - SHOW - - HIDE -

PVD Coating for DrillsPVD coatings can be used to improve the life of your tooling reducing your manufacturing cost. TiN, TiCN, AlTiN, ZrN and CrN are used on many tools to provide wear resistance and reduce edge build-up.

Carbide Inserts - SHOW - - HIDE -

milling insertsCoatings are matched to the proper material to maximize the benefit received. Milling inserts coated with TiN will improve tool life when milling steel alloys. AlTiN would be the coating used when milling stainless or super alloys.

Machine Components to Improve Wear - SHOW - - HIDE -

machine componentsTiN (titanium nitride) coating is used to extend the life of machine components that experience wear during use. The uniform coating thickness that does not build-up on edges like traditional wet bath electroplated coatings will do and will reduce sliding friction and improve abrasion wear resistance. The coating can be deposited as low as 500 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent  changing the core properties of the substrate being coated.

Form Relieved Cutters - SHOW - - HIDE -

Form Relieved Cutters Coated with PVDThese form tools were coated with TiCN to improve the tool life when machining stainless steel when operating parameters could not be increased enough to use AlTiN.

Injection Mold Tooling - SHOW - - HIDE -

TiN Coating on ToolsTitanium nitride (TiN) coating provides injection molders with improved release and protection against wear from abrasive molding materials. The inert barrier provided by the titanium nitride coating will reduce build-up or attack from caustic molding materials and aid in the cleaning of the molding surface. Titanium nitride (TiN) will provide protection against pitting and attack from PVC compounds chrome plating cannot. Large edge build-ups and degradation in surface quality of the molding surface are not a concern with NCT’s coating process used for mold tooling.

TiN Coating Molds for Rubber Molding - SHOW - - HIDE -

TiN Coating for Rubber MoldingTitanium nitride (TiN) can also be used for tooling in the rubber molding industry. When compounds are used that react with the chromium based coatings TiN can be used to provide release, and wear resistance.

Extrusion Tooling - SHOW - - HIDE -

PVD Coating for Extrusion ToolsManufacturers using extrusion tooling will benefit greatly from using PVD coatings to improve tool life, reduce friction, and reduce clean-up time of their tooling. The extrusion die shown to the right has a TiCN coating applied but TiN or CrN are also commonly used depending on the material being extruded.

AlTiN Coating End Mills Improves Productivity - SHOW - - HIDE -

PVD Coating Improves ProductivityThese end mills were coated with AlTiN allowing the customer to increase machining parameters dramatically reducing the time required to complete the part and increasing tool life.

Erosion Coatings - SHOW - - HIDE -

PVD Erosion CoatingsNCT has developed a series of erosion resistant coatings that significantly outperform traditional coatings used to protect components from erosion wear. This series of coatings have been developed to perform at various operating temperatures and in various operating environments. The optimized coating architecture allows coatings to be deposited thinner with improved surface finish than conventional films while providing substantially reduced erosion rates.