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We understand the critical nature of your requirements.

Surgeons today demand the highest quality medical instruments and implants, made from the finest stainless steels, titanium and aluminum, using the most advanced designs—and the most advanced surface treatments. TS NCT offers the broad range of treatments and surface engineering expertise needed to provide the perfect coating for virtually all medical applications. 

TS NCT uses state-of-the the-art cathodic arc and sputtering processes to apply a wide range of coatings, using a clean, vacuum environment to enhance adhesion. The result is higher-quality, more durable surfaces, offering these key benefits to medical instrument makers:

  • Improved performance and appearance
  • Wear and abrasion resistance
  • Reduced friction
  • Reduced debris generation
  • Resistance to alkaline, acidic and saline fluids
  • Anti-allergy: reduction of ion release
  • Anti-glare and low reflectivity
  • Biocompatibility

Our global network includes over 100 research engineers and tribologists ready to work with your engineering team to solve your most challenging problems. Our equipment and processes are quality-certified and standardized worldwide, giving you the flexibility to transition among dozens of locations in the U.S. and abroad.

We work closely with customers through each stage of the development process to select the correct path for your product, whether a standard coating or custom-developed solution to meet your needs.

We offer the ultimate flexibility in selecting the best deposition process and coating for your instruments, whether multi- or mono-layered, deposited at a variety of temperatures, with varying surface roughness.

State-of-the-art automated cleaning lines and coating equipment ensure consistent results on every lot. We can apply coatings at temperatures low enough to not affect your instrument’s core hardness or metallurgical structure. Precise masking yields crisp mask lines and a uniform appearance.

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