Salt Bath Nitriding Quality Control

Salt Bath Nitriding

Rigorous Process Control & Testing Ensures Consistent Salt Bath Nitriding MeloniteTM QPQ Layer Quality Every Time


High Quality & Consistency

A key part of any organization is their quality control department. A high quality, consistent product is paramount to a company’s success. At TS NCT, we are constantly monitoring our products to ensure our customers that they are receiving the highest quality product in the industry. Part of our commitment to our customers is our ISO 9001:2015 and our AS 9100 certifications. Our certifications ensure that we are maintaining the highest level of quality control available.

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Strict inspection guidelines are followed for all product processed  at TS NCT. Incoming products are inspected for any defects, surface impurities, prior surface treatments, burrs, or grinding damage that could compromise the adhesion of the coating or cause poor performance in the field.

Products are checked for coating consistency, uniform appearance, proper color, adhesion and coating thickness in final inspection. If a print or coating specification is supplied, the product is checked against the specification or print to ensure all requirements are met. Some of the tests performed at TS NCT are:

Metallography is used to measure the compound layer thickness and the layer quality.


A Microhardness test is performed on the compound layer or diffused case  to ensure the proper hardness is achieved.

HV Indent (left)
Knoop Indent (right)