TS NCT Building

About TS NCT


  • Small and large capacity coating services—no job is too big or too small.
  • Global and domestic reserve capacity
  • Focused factory processing in segregated medical cells
  • Customer- or application-dedicated staff handling your parts
  • Controlled atmosphere / environment work rooms
  • Automated and manual cleaning lines
  • Dedicated fixturing and masking design and production
  • Hard and soft masking options available
  • Post-coating parts cleaning
  • Rapid turnaround: typically 3 – 5 days 
  • Complete analytical capabilities: our engineering staff will work with you to evaluate your instruments for your application.
  • Metallurgical laboratory with advanced equipment to ensure coating and substrate integrity:
    • scanning electron microscope with EDS capabilities
    • dynamic nano-hardness indenter
    • calotester scratch adhesion measurement
    • surface roughness measurement system
    • tribometer for initial wear evaluation
  • ISO QA system
  • 30-year record keeping